Hi! I’m Hal. I’m a musician living with severe chronic illness. Lately, my health has prevented me from making much music so I’ve turned to my second love — writing. Also, I love creating little pieces of art like this…

What’s “Living in a Body?”

I’m here to write what comes up — “an exploration of the creative process.” Every Saturday, I publish a story. Someday, I plan to turn all these stories into a book. If you’re subscribed, a fresh chapter will arrive in your inbox every Saturday morning at 8:08 am EST.

In a thread called What’s Your Story,” I offer you the opportunity to participate in the story telling. On occasional Tuesdays, I’ll present an intriguing prompt for writing. In 200 words or less, tell us, “What’s your story?” I hope you’ll take a risk and join this community in the creative process.

Finally, since my illness has so limited my ability to create music, I've been busy collecting old material. Piece by piece, song by song, in a section called “A Body of Work,” I plan to present my life's work as a musician right here on Substack. Watch for it on occasional Tuesdays.

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I haven’t been as excited about a platform since I discovered TikTok in 2019. (I have 2.1M followers there now.) Substack lets me express a whole other dimension of myself and I really appreciate that you’re paying attention.

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Thank you so much! See you Saturday (and Tuesday). ❤️ Hal

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Musician and writer Hal Walker weaves stories, music and community from his bed as he survives moderately severe ME/CFS.


I'm a musical phenom from Kent, Ohio living with severe ME/CFS. I'm a writer and a community builder, I've got 2.5 million followers on TikTok, I'm 95% bed bound and I've got an unstoppable creative spirit. I'm glad you're here.