Yesterday, I was sitting on my front porch enjoying the new chair that I scored from the neighbor’s tree lawn. It’s Spring Clean Up in my neighborhood and I got lucky with this find. The chair was just waiting there for me in the trash right across the street. My next door neighbor Merl helped me carry it home. It’s a very comfortable chair. Feel free to come sit on it anytime. No, for real...

And then my cousin Amie pulled into the driveway with a plastic shopping bag in her hand. Out of the bag, she took out my old “pink salt” candle holder and a new box of tealight candles. Amie had taken the dirty, salt-crusted candle holder and cleaned it up real nice. She transformed it into a soft, smooth thing of pink salt beauty.

Amie’s been helping me like this for years. She’ll come over to house and say, “You need some new dish towels!” Next thing you know, I’ve got some new dish towels. In my many years of health related challenges, Amie has been one of my most consistent helpers. From helping to address envelopes when my hands were wracked with arthritis to helping to organize my basement and providing cups at my annual Christmas party.

Thanks Amie! ❤️. You’re the best. I really appreciate you.

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200 on the nose ...boom :)

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GOD sends angels - a true true blessing .

J she moved 2 doors away with her husband about a yr ago . She is so kind in nature and self less . She tells me our garden is your garden come any time ( I haven't been able to for a good while but the offer is so touching . She comes visits me on Sundays for 20 mins or so . We talk god, nature and art .

J has wide spread cancer .

We support each other . She's lovely .

S she came through a friend of a friend . I pay her to do home chores and cooking .

She has an adorable dog little m and both s and m brighten my world 10 fold.

S also lets me have little m each Monday for the day . She's my pal and light .

And finally my minister S . She is so kind, present and wise .

She will come by on her bike when I ask and sometimes we do art together . I trust her completely . We pray . She has shown me about the bible .

Oh and here's a thing she baptised me in my bedroom 2 wks ago along with a friend who sponsored me into the church .

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